Let’s bring in the holidays with our beautiful DYG Mineral Makeup!12935350_l

1–Start with a luminous metallic’s eye shadow for your eyes.

2–Add an eyeliner and mascara in a beautiful shade of emerald or sapphire .

3–Choose a plum mascara to create and attract definition for you lashes!

4–Contour your face with our illumination pens!

5–Dab our mineral sheer veil in champagne and porcelain from the top of your cheekbones out toward your temples.

6–Apply our beloved Mineral Sheer Tints and Liquid to Powder Foundations with our famous DYG Foundation Brush.

6–Create a healthy glow with our Whisper Blushes and topped with Shimmer Dust in Tender all applied with our ever-famous Kabuki Brush.

7–Outline your lips with a Natural DYG Lipliner Pencil and apply a bright festive DYG Lipstick.

8–Finish with our most popular Starlet DYG Liptox Sheer Gloss.


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