Rejuvenating cosmetics brought to you by

  • Dianne York
  • President and CEO of the Prestigious DYG Mineral Makeup Company

La Jolla, California – Dianne York, the woman who brought to you the acclaimed La Jolla Spa MD, continues to offer age-reducing solutions with her DYG Mineral Makeup.  DYG Mineral Makeup is another ground-breaking discovery in popular anti-aging procedures and products.

Dianne York has revolutionized skin care with DYG Mineral Makeup.  This innovation boasts high-quality, anti-bacterial ingredients to provide the skin with a clean and natural solution to beauty .  DYG Mineral Makeup is loaded with triple-milled minerals including Titanium, Gold, Zinc, and Magnesium.  The hypoallergenic cosmetics are dermatologist recommended and condition the skin without clogging pores.  The light coverage of the products provides a translucent glow to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, while also containing SPF agents to offer protection from the sun.

“DYG Mineral Makeup is an all-natural, beauty innovation that brings the rejuvenating effects of the spa to your fingertips,” says York who is an expert on skin rejuvenation.  “I am thrilled to present the public with a cosmetic line that not only promotes beauty, but includes essential vitamins and anti-oxidants to provide women with their most youthful glow.”


DYG Mineral Makeup line includes a variety of innovative products including mineral tints, award-winning foundations, translucent powders, luxurious eye shadows, satin blush treatments, and conditioning lip colors.  DYG, “DISCOVER YOU’RE GORGEOUS” also offers a “Lip Plumper” which is described as “state-of-the-art collagen in a tube for hot bombshell bravura.” The cosmetics are offered in a diverse collection of shades and textures, and are packaged within sleek, titanium casing to mirror hip cutting-edge technology.







Dianne York with Jane Seymour


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