glowing skin

A small amount of the Mineral Sheer Veil (shown above) can be added to Mineral Sheer Tint, or any other DYG liquid foundation, to enhance your overall youthful glow.

a smooth finish

Everyone wants a smooth, flawless finish and DYG’s Pressed Powder can give you what you need to achieve it. Using the Powder Brush, swirl the brush tip in the pressed powder, gently tap the brush to remove any excess powder and apply in circular motions to the face.


paint it luscious

Achieve the perfect pout: Long-wearing lipstick is easy to achieve without leaving you dry and chapped. Use a lip liner after applying lipstick to create the perfect shape, then gently blot for lasting wear. What about creating that bee-stung, ultra-sexy look? Apply lip-gloss just to the center of the lips to achieve fuller looking lips.


lush lash-lining

Apply DYG Shadow in Black or Brown with a dampened Perfect Liner Brush in the base of the lash to accentuate the lash line.

smoky eyes demystified

The smoky eye is tricky and can leave you with racoon eyes if you’re not careful. Here are the steps to getting a professional sultry eye: 1. Apply eyeliner to upper lashline and dot lightly between your lower lashes. Smudge the line until well blended. 2. Using a slightly lighter color than your liner, brush on eyeshadow, blending from the lashline to the crease. 3. Complete your look with two coats of black mascara.




a perfect match

To create the perfect matching eyeliner, wet the Perfect Liner Brush and use with any DYG Eye Shadow.

the cover-up

By using the DYG Concealer Brush, you can customize how much coverage you want by applying a full amount of coverage and then gently blend until you’ve achieved the desired look.